YO! What's on your mind?

We’re putting together a zine with the concept that each person gets an 8.5 x 14 inch page to fill with whatever they want (words, images, both - WHATEVER!) and we want YOU to submit a page...

The catch is, it will be paired with another half of someone else's piece because we will be folding the pages, saddle stitch style, in half in order to staple the binding of the piece. Therefore your left half and right half of the page will be separated, except for the person that randomly ends up in the middle of the final product. This is a platform for you to express youreself. We're going to capture a moment of the city as a collective object and it'll be fun to have something to pass around as a little time capsule of where we're at right now. If this is successful we'll do another one in the winter, consider this a test run... 

Submission Guidelines
Email, subject: yo-newyork submission :

Image Submissions:
8.34 x 13.84 inches, .
300dpi, JPG file
firstname_lastname.jpg by September 22nd
(There will be a .16 inch white border around your image so the page size is 8.5 x 14 inches, we are unable to print full bleed)  (If you want a larger border or white space around your image include it in the file)

Text Only/Written Submissions:
PDF file sized at 8.5 x 7 inches
by September 22nd.
Think poems, short stories, reviews, interviews, opinions...


Also, try and make something new for this, your submitted work shouldn't have been printed anywhere yet.

Finally, PLEASE NOTE that this isn't going to be the highest quality print (laser printing on basic paper) so take that in to consideration -- black and white might work better than color but up to you.


We will list all the contributors in the back of the book but not on each individual page


We also ask for a $10 donation for production and distribution which can be sent via paypal to or through this link 

have fun with this, hope to hear from you soon.

Email questions and submissions to with any questions




THANK YOU and best,

Charlie Rubin

Jason Bartholomew 

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